Sunshine scent and crayons

your raincheck on reason
3 October 1985
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my life may not be something special
but it's never been lived before

eye am my own creation
eye am self made

I just graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in Russian language and literature. I have very recently relocated to Philadelphia and am getting "a real life" whatever that means. Ideally I would like to end up in new England some day. I am totally in love with the state of Vermont.

I like to say I have an affinity for words. I write and read plenty. My desk is always covered with post-its with lists of various sorts, outlines of characters for half written novels (or in most cases barely quarter-written) or stanzas of poems that I wake up thinking at 3:30am. I am particularly fond of poetic word pairings.

I absorb music. When I was younger my dad used to play me Chuck Berry tunes on vinyl and taught me to love Queen and Pink Floyd at a very early age. I have been involved in various means of musical performance over the years, but have recently realized that my favorite medium is acoustic air guitar performed in the solitude of my own bedroom.

I wear a lot of flannel shirts. I'll be the first to admit I watch porn, play with power tools and collect knives. I still sleep with my teddy bear and make friendship bracelets obsessively (and send them to people randomly). If I thought I could handle more than one straight semester and daily application of Calculus, I would probably be going to school for engineering. As a general rule I do not wear skirts. I am a feminist in my own right.

I am the little girl who plays stands on her bed in nothing but a bra and undies playing air guitar to Hendrix when no one is looking. I am the girl in the corner who you are convinced is tangled in a web of thought, but is analyzing you out of the corner of her eye. I am quite possibly the epitome of social awkwardness.

And if everything crashes
I will burn if I must

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