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Thanksgiving, a birthday and other miscellany - Sunshine scent and crayons

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November 30th, 2008

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10:12 am - Thanksgiving, a birthday and other miscellany
This past week has been full of turkey.

Last Saturday Josh came upstairs at around 12:30 to tell me that a whole slew of family members would be arriving within the hour for an early Thanksgiving dinner. His mother apparently neglected to tell us, which was okay really, just it was awfully short notice to get ready for a full on Thanksgiving dinner with family members I hadn't met yet. I finally got to meet his uncle and his wife and three kids. His maternal grandfather was also there, but I met Harry last year at Thanksgiving so I wasn't too worried about that. His family always seems so bizarre to me. I can never tell how anyone is related to him because everyone in his family is called by their first name. There was never just grandma or Uncle Jim or any sort of qualifier, just Joanne or Matt, and I have to put the pieces together. His family is confusing anyways because his maternal grandmother is estranged and I came into the relationship around the same time that his mother was pushing her away so I never met her. She and Harry divorced so really I've only heard stories of Lynn. The woman Josh calls Nana (or at least the kids do, he doesn't really) is the woman who really raised his mother, one of Harry's former girlfriends. Plus his father's family is equally confusing and riddled with divorce, most of whom I have never met because they live out of state. I have only ever spent time with his father a handful of times and usually I just stay quiet because his father is never in town unless he has another reason to be there so Josh gets to see him about as much as I do and it's more important for me to let him spend time with his dad who I know he misses.

It was nice for once though to have a family gathering where there are still kids. Everyone in my family is grown and having children of their own so all the kids in my family are still toddlers. And Jim's kids were very outgoing, don't care who they're playing with, they just play. In my family everyone just sits around the tv and stares at it.

Then after that Thanksgiving was over my mom called on Sunday and invited Josh and I for another turkey dinner. Dad had gotten a twenty pound turkey from work (he gets one every year) and mom didn't have enough room in the freezer to leave it there for long so she made a full on turkey dinner for Sunday as well.

Then of course my own Thanksgiving on Thursday. I always look forward to seeing my paternal grandparents. Though because Josh was not formally invited I didn't want to invite him and have it be a surprise so I had to field questions about his whereabouts all evening. Dinner was fine. Nothing spectacular. I refuse to talk about anymore of the workings about my dad's side of the family because it just makes me angry. I love spending time with my grandparents, but just about anybody else in my family I could have done without.

Grandpa was surprisingly understanding about me not returning to Hive. I think when mom and dad went to go visit them at Kendall in Ithaca where they're living now mom had words with him about how they treated me this past summer and he didn't put up a fight just said well I understand when I told him I knew I couldn't go back to Hive. At least not for a summer or two. Maybe later in life, but not now. But we had a pretty good conversation with him about what my plans were for after school and I told him I would like to go and get a masters degree at some point and he seemed very enthusiastic, which doesn't surprise me because he is very much an advocate of education of any kind.

After dinner we drove out to my other grandmother's house for desert. My mother's whole family was there except for my Aunt Debbie whom I grow more and more disenchanted with every time I see her, but that's another story. My Aunt Carol was in town from Ohio and I rarely get to see her, but because of that I often forget how much I love her. This is a woman who once named a dog Pop Tart.

Yesterday was Iris' birthday so the old crew from high school, or at least what of it is left around Vestal, got together with her family at her mother's house for dinner. We ended up playing ungodly amounts of Rockband which was super fun. We even got Iris' mom to play bass guitar for a song. That might have to be a new weekly get together.

Right now I am oogling thse socks for whatever reason. Maybe I just like seeing them on girly legs.

I also caught wind of a movie about Salvador Dali's early life as an artist and his relationship with Federico García Lorca. I am curious, though Robbert Pattinson plays Dali and that makes me really skeptical. Playing Cedric Diggory and Edward Cullen don't exactly prepare you to play Dali. Maybe he'll be good I don't know, but I have doubts about the movie itself anyhow. Dali was an incredibly complex person, especially in terms of his sexual relations and I think they'll screw it up an romanticize everything because it's a movie. It's like Johnny Depp portraying Hunter S. Thompson. Any lesser actor would have totally fucked up that movie and I'm not convinced that Robert Pattinson could pull off Dali.
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Date:December 1st, 2008 05:57 pm (UTC)
Completely off-topic but reading this entry reminded me that I had a dream about you a couple weeks ago. I was in New England for some reason (visiting kaetien again?) and my plans fell through so I called you up and you told me to come on over. I don't really remember much beyond that, except that your Josh was played by the aforementioned Emmie's Josh, and that you were both really friendly. I think you also showed off your music collection to me, and it was vast.

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